Skintruth cosmetic is a professional skin care range which unifies naturally derived and scientifically advanced ingredients to optimise skin care. Skintruth offers exceptional quality throughout its range of individually prescribed treatments. Each product has been carefully researched and developed to create superior formulations. Using a holistic approach to beauty Skintruth provides you the right solution with sense of well-being.

Facial treatments of this brand are based on your skin type:

NOURISHING facial is perfect for those with normal to dry skin. This treatment delivers maximum hydration and restores moisture levels of the skin. It reveals brighter and more radiant skin.

EQUALISING facial- suitable for oily skin. It’s been designed to remove impurities and excess oil while balance and revitalise skin tone. It nourishes and hydrates the skin without clogging the pores.

SOOTHING facial gently cleanses and soothes sensitive skin prone to irritation. Antiseptic and calming properties of the ingredients prevent inflammation and relax the skin. Products of this line restore moisture without causing irritation. This treatment will leave you with silky soft feeling

The usual treatment (including steam, extractions, high frequency and massage) takes 90 min and its price is €35.

If you don’t have enough time you can go for the Mini Facial which is €18 with duration or 30 min (using product only).

PHYTOCEANE is an authentic marine brand with an ultimate goal to make beauty accessible to everybody.

Phytocéane products provide a simple, comprehensive and appealing solution to all beauty concerns. Products are based on natural marine ingredients coming from the most beautiful and pure seas in the world. Each new formula is scientifically tested to guarantee optimum tolerance and visible effectiveness on the skin.

Phytocéane facial treatments provide well-being and relaxation while visibly beautifying the skin. They are designed to take you on a journey across the world’s most beautiful seas. Every beauty treatment gives you a unique experience of escape, full of beauty and sensoriality.

YOUTH DISCOVERY– A refreshing break recommended with first signs of ageing. Reduce wrinkles; Boost firmness; Offer an instant burst of radiance.

DEEP HYDRATION FACIAL- Moisturising treatment suitable for all skin types especially dehydrated and dry skin. The perfect care for summer. Restore an optimal moisture level; Decrease feeling of tightness; Bring flexibility, comfort and softness to the skin.

Facial with these products costs €45

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