“Chocolate Temptation” SPA therapy €45

“Chocolate Temptation” SPA therapy €45

Chocolate massage is one of nature’s best kept secrets for beauty and anti-aging

This treatment is far more than some luxurious relaxing therapy- it provides energy and pleasure for all senses. During the procedure, thanks to the endorphins released in the brain, you not only receive love and pure delight, but also provides your body with the gift of health, youth and beauty.

Short description of the procedure:

The products Milk Chocolate SPA Masterare specially designed for professional use in spa and beauty clinics.

First step is applying Body Scrub  to the whole body with slow circular motions. To finish exfoliating the dead skin, remove the remaining product with a wet towel.

Next step is to apply Firming Mask to the whole body. Make a double body wrapping / plastic foil and a sheet/ and leave the mask for 20 minutes. Remove the mask in the shower. Dry the body.

Final step is applying Body Cream  with slow circular motions and an additional massage, providing extra pleasure to your body.

Finish the procedure with a cup of hot chocolate or a piece of chocolate.

It takes 90-100 min to complete the treatment at €78

Also available 45 min back treatment at €45 as a part of a full body massage (1 hour)

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